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This is my final project for Playcrafting's 8 Week Unity Course.

A typical RPG town has suffered a typical RPG calamity! The Evil Bad Guy has come to your home village in search of the Secret Relic that your town has hidden safely for EONS. Just last Wednesday, the Evil Bad Guy learned from a citizen of your town (lowercase bad guy) that the Relic is here, and that for a small finder's fee, the bad guy would share the location. As is typical of chaotic evil Bad Guys, the bargain was struck and subsequently broken. The Evil Bad Guy set alight the sleepy town to burn it to the ground. Tragically, many families suffered as a result of the banality of evil bad guys doing what they think is best without thinking of the consequences of such actions. Your parents perished in the disaster, leaving you to inherit the town item shop and fend for yourself. It is now up to you to work hard, elevate your position, and strike forth on meaningful adventure. Perhaps there can be justice in this typical RPG world after all?

I love RPGs, and wanted to make something within the 2 week timeframe allocated for the final project in our course. The player controls a shopkeeper who works to buy and trade favorably until she has sufficient resources to afford an adventure. While adventuring, the player will face an onslaught of monsters who drop the typical monster RPG loot (like herbs, berries, and roots). Using quick reflexes and timely combos, the player can emerge victorious from the adventure, returning to the shop for a new day of profitable exchange.

This is my first solo Unity project and I tried to create something where the daily grind was acceptable, but not a reward in itself. Ideally, players will realize their path through life should be looking for adventures that support their growth, rather than succumbing to a daily grind.

Install instructions

Download and extract zip, run FF9to5.exe
Requires gamepad


FF9to5_1.31.18.zip 19 MB