A downloadable game for Windows

This is my final solo project for Playcrafting's 8 Week Unity Course.

I love RPGs, and wanted to make something within the 2 week timeframe allocated for the final project in our course.  After the prototype was completed for the course, I developed it further for about a month to demo at a Playcrafting Expo. 

The player controls a shopkeeper who works to buy and trade favorably until she has sufficient resources to afford an adventure. While adventuring, the player will face an onslaught of monsters who drop raw materials for loot . Using quick reflexes and timely combos, the player can emerge victorious from the adventure, returning to the shop for a new day of profitable exchange.

This is my first solo Unity project, and it is technically limited by my coding ability at that time. I tried to create something where the daily grind was acceptable, but not a reward in itself. There is quite a bit of design space available to improve the gameplay aspects of both shop management and adventure combat. Ideally, players will realize their path through life should be looking for adventures that support their growth, rather than succumbing to a daily grind.


FF9to5_1.31.18.zip 19 MB

Install instructions

Download zip, extract, run 9to5.exe
Requires (xbox 360) gamepad