A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You are a StarJacker. The fate of the The Cause rests within your sticky fingers. Do you have what it takes to secure the missing assets and do your part to restore the balance of the Galaxy?

This is our final project submission for UC Berkeley's CS198 course on Unity game development. Over a duration of about 8 weeks, we produced all the code, art assets, sound effects, and music. Some of us never had worked with Unity before.

(in alphabetical order)
Eric Feng - Menu design + UI coding
Alexis Finnie-Jenkins - Art design
Christian Strohm - Game design + mechanics coding
Henry Thomas - Audio design and coding



StarJacker 1.0 (WIN64).zip 60 MB
StarJacker 1.0 (OSX).zip 64 MB

Install instructions

Requires download and extraction to be run on windows 64 or OSX platform. 

Mouse and Keyboard required inputs

Play 1920x1080 on high